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3D Like Never Before!


The Commander 3D glasses-free tablet is packed with the latest features designed to give you the most sensational experience the tablet market has to offer. Sit back and enjoy the 3D revolution at your fingertips!

The Future of Entertainment

View all of your favorite content in 3D, without any glasses! Commander 3D’s powerful graphics processor allows you to convert your movies, video clips, and photographs into 3D.

Easy to Use and Powerful


Simplicity is beauty. Enjoy your favorite apps in 3D. Commander 3D tablets run with the powerful and user-friendly Android 4.0 OS interface. Search, explore, check your e-mail catch up with friends, and much more, all in 3D!

Using Commander 3D technology, this tablet delivers the quality 3D viewing without the use of glasses. This revolutionary device brings on-the-go 2D and 3D entertainment to life!

Take Gaming to the Next Level

Explore new depths in the games you already love! Commander 3D’s powerful graphics processing unit allows you to convert your 2D games into 3D, and with a high capacity battery, enjoy up to 8 hours of playing time and more than 600 hours of standby time.

Sensational Graphics


Capture stunning photos with Commander 3D’s high-quality dual-cameras, and view them in high definition glass free 3D! Or upgrade your half-resolution content into full-resolution. Commander 3D LCD screens have a remarkable 1920 x 1200 resolution, and a 1080p HD playback, for an incredibly realistic feel to whatever you view.

Customize your 3D Experience

Commander 3D tablets allow you to view your content in either 2D or 3D. Adjust the depth of the imaging, select 3D windows within 2D spaces. Commander 3D’s cutting-edge lenticular type display gives images the ability to change or move as the image is viewed from different angles, all while maintaining a realistic 3D sensation.

This is the only tablet that displays 3D movies and images without 3D glasses. Using a parallax barrier Commander 3D delivers a slightly different set of pixels to each eye, creating depth of field without uncomfortable, color-distorting glasses.

Commander 3D - Glasses-Free 3D Android Tablet